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From the beginning, we have been a pioneer in the cigar world.  We have established a standard among our peers by innovatively elevating the experience of all cigar enthusiasts.  We are the trendsetters. We strive to create the ultimate cigar experience for every individual, novice and aficionados alike. As the blueprint of the cigar world, we have and continue to influence cigar culture.

Our pursuit is to establish a brand that will make available all premium brands of cigars and cigar accessories from the United States, and other parts of the world, at any given time to our highly esteemed enthusiasts. Our intent is to provide an ambiance where the cigar community can network and socialize. Our aspiration is to enhance the standard that will be the melting pot of all lovers of cigars, tobaccos, wine, alcoholic and non – alcoholic drinks. Keeping in mind our genuine interest in the integrity of the cigar community in which we serve. We strive to create new norms within the social construct of the cigar lifestyle, while continuing to pay respect to the tradition.

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